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North Carolina Aviation Museum

The North Carolina Aviation Museum, located in central North Carolina, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of vantage military aircrafts. The museum, in its two hangers, showcases some of the infamous war-birds of the mid 20th Century and numerous military memorabilia. The idea to setup an aviation museum was the brain child of an Asheboro businessman Jim Peddycord, who was a curious collector of old military aircraft and an avid flyer. The Foundation for Aircraft Conservation (FAC) was founded in 1996 and later became the North Carolina Aviation Museum. A year after the FAC’s inception, Jim Peddycord and his son Rick died in a mid-air collision while practicing for an air show. But the FAC didn’t let their founder’s dream linger; they rechristened the foundation Peddycord Foundation for Aircraft Conservation and carried forward Peddycord’s mission by restoring vintage aircraft and educating the public about America’s aviation history. In 2001, North Carolina State designated the museum the future site of the North Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame. The NCAM has on display 12 authentically restored, airworthy aircrafts from the World War II through the Vietnam era. Also featured are military uniforms from various periods, medals and other memorabilia in the southeastern United States. Hanger Two houses a Mitchell B-25 Bomber, which is a major attraction. The museum gift shop has south’s largest collection of model airplanes, souvenirs, books and other collectables.