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Queen Mary

Queen Mary, an ocean liner turned historic attraction, is truly a holiday spot in the blue water of Long Beach, California. Queen Mary, designed by the Cunard Steamship Company Limited, started its service in 1934. With a length of 1,019.2 feet and weight of 81,237 gross tons, it was the second-largest liner at the time. During World War II, it was used as a troop ship to carry Australian and New Zealand soldiers to the United Kingdom. Following the war, the Queen Mary dominated the transatlantic passenger trade, then was retired in 1967. Since its retirement, the Queen Mary has been berthed at Long Beach, on the west coast of the United States. The floating city, awash with elegance, houses a luxurious hotel, a first-class dining room, award-winning restaurants, a wedding chapel, and 16 reception salons for private celebrations. The Hotel Queen Mary features 365 staterooms, including executive, deluxe, first class, tourist class, and a royalty suite. In addition, guests can access the business center, on board spa, ballrooms and meeting rooms, and fitness room. The elegant setting of the grand salon is an ideal place for Sunday brunch. Guests can enjoy more than 50 entrees from around the globe. Queen Mary’s chapel and catering staff help couples design wedding celebrations. The art deco salons, each exclusively decorated with warm wood paneling, are ideal for banquets, meetings, conversations, and celebrations. Onboard classic acting classes and senior workshops are available.