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Meeker Mansion

The Meeker Mansion is a 17-room Italianate Victorian mansion located on Spring Street, Puyallup, Washington. It was built by Ezra Meeker, an entrepreneur and Puyallup's first mayor. In 1890, Meeker completed the impressive mansion to please his wife. The house was designed by Ferrell and Darmer, Architects, of Tacoma. The Meeker Mansion is owned and operated by the Ezra Meeker Historical Society, a 300- member, private, non-profit corporation. The Meeker Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Principal attractions include a formal ballroom, rooftop widow's walk, speaking tubes (forerunner of the intercom) and six coal-burning fireplaces with hand-carved European mantels. In addition, a drawing room, small parlor, and morning parlor are appealing features of the mansion. A wide range of imported artistic works are counted among the mansion's treasures. Ezra Meeker earned a reputation as a preserver and champion of the Oregon Trail. That traces of the original trail still exist is due entirely to Meeker. The Ezra Meeker Historical Society's mission is to preserve and promote the historical aspects of the Puyallup Valley and the Oregon Trail, and to provide students and visitors with exhibitions devoted to them. Continual refurbishment altered the structure of the mansion in many ways. Fine carpentry and the ceilings are covered with coats of paint. The historical society moves ahead by taking on such candidates for restoration. The historical society's aim is to return the home to its original condition, but they lack sufficient details regarding the mansion's interior settings. The society is assisted by Puyallup townspeople who are committed to preserve the fine memorabilia of the town’s first mayor. The mansion operates a gift shop that mainly features books by and about Meeker and the Oregon Trail. The community's rich, vibrant past comes alive through those books, which help to enlighten children and adults.