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Kids 'N Stuff

Incorporated as a nonprofit organization on December 12, 2000, Kids ’N Stuff is a children's museum located in Albion, Michigan. The museum received federal status as a nonprofit corporation on April 11, 2001. Kids 'N Stuff enhances the education of children and their parents by providing a creative and enriching experience through interactive exhibits and programs in arts, humanities, science and technology. The effort to establish Kids 'N Stuff began in April 2000, when Parker Tom Feldpausch agreed to donate a 10,000 square-foot building to Albion College to establish a children's museum. Albion College, founded in 1835, is an undergraduate college of the liberal arts that was authorized by the state legislature to confer a four-year college degree upon both men and women in 1861. Following the museum’s incorporation on December 12, 2000, an independent board of directors was formed for its administration. Kids 'N' Stuff focuses on kids between ages 10 months to 12 years. The museum reflects the region's rich ethnic, cultural and economic history. The museum's aim is to develop programs to teach life skills, expose students to new perspectives, and demonstrate the relationships among the arts, humanities, sciences and technology. The John W. Porter World Village in the museum has four structures representing different countries. The Currency Exchange/Passport Station teaches kids about the currency of different countries, as well as math, and exchange rates. A dance studio encourages visitors to choreograph their own dance performances. The drama space has a kid-sized accessible stage, and a backstage area with equipment for impromptu productions. Facilities for holding parties also are available.