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Oakland Symphony Chorus

Oakland Symphony Chorus is the East Bay's premier community resource for choral performance and learning. This 501(c)3 not-for profit organization is located at 360 Grand Avenue in Oakland, California. For 45 years, the 120-member Oakland Symphony Chorus has been recognized as one of the East Bay’s finest choirs and a premiere resource for continuing education in the choral arts. In addition to presenting its own concerts and workshops, the Oakland Symphony Chorus cooperates with many fine performing arts groups including the Oakland East Bay Symphony, Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, Festival Opera, Oakland Ballet, Oakland Civic Orchestra, Oakland Youth Orchestra, and the Young People’s Symphony Orchestra. OSC has received impressive concert reviews consistently and developed a range of educational opportunities for all segments of the community. Oakland Symphony Chorus is a community treasure providing workshops on musical styles, scholarly examinations of their works, and volunteer activities such as the annual caroling programs. In addition, it also conducts various community events such as classes, summer sign-ins, and discovery day.