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Athens Regional Medical Center

Athens Regional Medical Center (ARMC) is a 315-bed referral center in Athens, Georgia. Opening its doors as a 100-bed facility in 1921, ARMC aims to provide quality health care services in a caring and safe atmosphere. As a leading healthcare facility in northeast Georgia, Athens Regional Medical Center offers an array of specialized medical, surgical, and diagnostic services. The Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support, at 240 Talmadge Drive, seeks to empower cancer patients and their families. Individual and family counseling and educational seminars are offered. Therapeutic, reiki, and yoga sessions are also included. The Mind Body Institute (MBI) offers a broad range of therapeutic services for the complete physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being of the patients. In addition to clinical services, interactive education programs, and research facilities are provided. ARMC‘s Physicians Imaging Center is the first free-standing Radiology Diagnostic Center in the region. The hospital’s Rehabilitation Program involves in a full spectrum of physical and occupational therapies plus a speech/language pathology unit. Educational programs, Work Injury Prevention & Management and Pediatric Program are among their services. In affiliation with various universities, the Rehabilitation Program provides clinical internship for the students. The Home Health Services at Athens Regional Medical Center manages the healthcare needs of the patients outside the hospital setting. Services of speech/physical/occupational therapists and medical social workers are available. ARMC also provides outstanding occupational medicine, urgent care, and maternal child services. Further, individual and community education programs are conducted to improve public awareness. Athens Regional Medical Center has excellent overnight lodging facilities at the guest house, located on Pine Needle Drive. Other facilities include cafeteria, ATM, and coffee shop.