Golden Gate Fields

Located on the East Shore Highway in Berkeley, California, Golden Gate Fields is one of the largest horse racing venues in the United States.

Inaugurated in February 1941, Golden Gate Fields is an apt example for enthusiasm and vision. It has an area of 225 acres with a seating capacity of 14,750.

The main track, which is also called the Dirt Course is constructed oval in shape. The field also comprises a Lakeside Infield Turf Course, which is considered the main attraction of the compound.

Golden Gate Fields has its own level of technological advancement, wherein one can watch race odds change by he second, portable payoffs, results, and the previous day’s races, through the 300 closed circuit television monitors. Also, the First Aid Station is located at the north end of the Club House level.

Throughout its history, Golden Gate Fields has been witness to the strong competiti of a number of powerful horses from across the country.

Among the horses to race here, Silky Sullivan is considered a true legend in the history of the Golden Gate Fields. Other important horses include Fine n Majestic and Screaming Don, whose participation brought fame and publicity to the track.

On the two-legged side, Russell Baze is considered a legendary jockey in the history of Golden Gate Fields. He was the first jockey to reach the 400-win plateau in a season four times. In addition, he has the record for the most victories on a single card at Golden Gate Fields.

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