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South Louisiana Community College

South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) was formed by an act of the Louisiana Legislature in 1997. The college, based in Lafayette, Louisiana, is one of the newest community colleges in the state. SLCC began as a comprehensive, multi-campus, public, two-year institution of higher education. It provides general education courses to prepare students for immediate employment, and such associate degree programs as the associate of arts in early childhood education, associate of science in criminal justice, and the associate of science in industrial technology. The college offers education to all. SLCC is a member of the Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Consortium, an aggregation of Louisiana colleges and university libraries. It has two libraries, one on the Lafayette campus and one on the New Iberia campus, which include a wide collection of books, periodicals, and reference materials. Classrooms are equipped with an array of multimedia instructional aids. Students are encouraged to develop curricular projects and interdisciplinary presentations, and are responsible for in-class presentations and community- or college-based service learning options across the curriculum. South Louisiana Community College also offers such support services as an orientation program, academic advising, career and counseling services, developmental studies, and computer classrooms/learning laboratories.