C.S. Steen`s Syrup Mill

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C.S. Steen's Syrup Mill is located in Abbeville, Louisiana, and is famous for its cane syrup. Since its beginning in 1910, the products of C. S. Steen's Syrup Mill have been a staple in many Louisiana recipes.

Over the years the mill has been famous for its 100 percent pure cane syrup. The mill uses the original recipe and steam equipment to make its pure cane syrup and molasses in the traditional way in open kettles.

In the early 1900s, many mills dotted Southern Louisiana landscapes. C.S. Steen's Syrup Mill was started by C.S. Steen Sr., to save his frozen crop of sugarcane. This mule-drawn mill, considered as the first of its kind in the world, could produce a couple of barrels of syrup a day.

C.S. Steen's Syrup Mill still follows the traditional method of sugarcane plantations. The seed canes are hand laid into the soil are enclosed and provide enough room to mature.

Later, after 15 months, the crop will be harvested and cooked to the accurate precision and consistency to make it Steen's.

The average syrup-making season starts from mid-October and extends to December.

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