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South Central Kansas Regional Medical Center

South Central Kansas Regional Medical Center (SCKRMC), located in Arkansas City, Arkansas, is recognized as a quality health-care provider in southcentral Kansas. The mission is to fulfill the health care needs of the individuals and community it serves. Established in 1951, SCKRMC was formerly called the Arkansas City Memorial Hospital. It excels in various specialty areas, including respiratory therapy, physical therapy, diagnostic cardiac care, acute medical care, emergency medicine, obstetrics, and dietetics. The medical center’s referral clinic is designed to provide specialized medical care to the community. The core areas of practice include cardiology, oncology, podiatry, neurology, nephrology, and urology. The Radiology Department offers exceptional diagnostic services. SCKRMC was the first medical facility in the state to provide Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum (LDRP) obstetric rooms. In addition, SCKRMC offers comprehensive home health care services. Health assessments, dietary counseling, wound care, and muscle strengthening number among their services.