Dworshak Dam

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Dworshak Dam began construction in 1966, and the main structure was completed in 1972. The generators came online in 1973. It is a hydroelectric gravity dam located in Clearwater County of Idaho. It was originally slated to be named "Bruces Eddy," but the named was change to honor Senator Henry C. Dworshak.

Dworshak Dam is the highest straight-axis concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere, and the 22nd highest dam in the world. There are only two other dams in the United States that exceed it in height.

The Generating capacity is 400 Megawatts, with an overload capacity of 460 MW. The dam has two spillway gates. It is part of the Columbia River Basin system of dams.

Dworshak Reservoir is the body of water behind the dam. The lake stretches 53 miles upstream. The North Fork of the Clearwater River runs two miles downstream from the base of the dam, until it joins the South Fork of the Clearwater, which flows to the Snake River.

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