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East Central University

Established in 1909, East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, strives to provide a learning environment in which students, faculty, staff, and community interact to educate students for life in a rapidly changing and culturally diverse society. It is a member of the Oklahoma System of Higher Education. The campus offers 33 baccalaureate degrees, eight masters degrees, and a number of certificate programs. It provides degrees such as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Social Work, and Bachelor of General Studies, with 64 major concentrations. The degree specializations are in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Mass Communications, Cartography, Chemistry, Psychology, Legal Studies, and Environmental Health Science. In addition, it offers Masters degrees in areas such as Psychological Services, Human Resources, and Education. The McNair Scholars Program, International Student Programs, Honors Program, Continuing Education, and Distance Learning at various locations are provided. Pre-professional programs are available in a number of fields. In order to help students in achieving their goals, a wide range of academic and personal support systems have been developed. The Schools of East Central University include the School of Business, School of Education and Psychology, School of Graduate Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and School of Mathematics and Sciences. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), the Grants Research Information Center, and the Hayes Native American Studies Center are additional facilities. On the top floor of the university is the East Central University Wellness center which offers students, as well as members of the community, a great exercise and workout facility. To encourage participation in recreational sports, Intramural Programs are offered. The Membership Exchange Program called the National Student Exchange is available to every student on campus. Various clubs and organizations are also supported. There is an Academic Advising Center for students seeking information about academic rules and regulations, enrollment, and the various programs available. With special collections, the full-service library on campus holds periodicals, books, journals, and audio-visual materials. Scholarships and research facilities are provided, as well. Students may access computer labs, the Writing Center located in Danley Hall 101, and the Educational Opportunity Center.