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Anoka County History Center

The Anoka County History Center – located just two blocks north of Main Street – is a 1904 house that showcases the art, culture, and history of Anoka. The center collects, preserves, and displays the relics and artifacts pertaining to olden Anoka and disseminates its historical aspects for the knowledge and enjoyment of young and old, residents and travelers alike. The Anoka County History Center Library has an assortment of letters, diaries, personal papers, photographs, newspapers, and obituaries of historic relevance. The library specializes in Anoka County resources. The Exhibit Hall depicts the agricultural history of Anoka, and virtually everything that has a story to tell about the county’s past. Its collection ranges from wedding gowns to logging tools, and from school bells to butter churns. The History Center and Library is located on the corner of Third Avenue North and Golf Street.