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Situated at 202 E. Greenville St. in Anderson, South Carolina, Anderson County Museum strives to collect, preserve, and exhibit objects that reflect the history of Anderson County. It is the largest county-owned local history museum in South Carolina and is dedicated to providing passive and formal educational opportunities. Th 25,000-square-foot building was reopened in May 2003 and has 12,000 square feet of exhibit space. The exhibits of the museum are arranged in three stages.

The exhibits at Stage 1 include the Anderson County Hall of Fame, an interactive Heritage Corridor exhibit that features Andersonís nine municipalities, the residents, and the activities of the county. In addition, there is a special military exhibit, an agriculture and textile exhibit, and a signature electricity exhibit.

Displays at stage 2 are items that depict the medical, military, and religious history of the county.

Stage 3 includes exhibits on transportation, media, education, and business. The museum offers tours, gift shop, fun-filled activities, slide show programs, and genealogical research. "Wednesdays with Fred and Ed" is one of the most popular programs in the museum.

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