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Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Anaheim Stadium - the home of the California Angels (earlier, the L.A. Angels) - is a baseball-only facility situated on 140 acres in Anaheim, California. After being through an unusual cycle of transformation owing to periodical revamps, the present-day stadium – in its third incarnation - is the one most like a classic ballpark of the three, which is a unique blend of 1960s efficiency and 1990s neo-traditionalism. The stadium has a seating capacity of about 44,000. Angel Stadium began its life as a baseball-only park with a seating capacity of 43,250 in 1966. On its inaugural day, the California Angels hosted the San Francisco Giants in an exhibition game. A major reconstruction undertaken in 1979, in order to accommodate NFL's Los Angeles Rams, increased the seating capacity to 70,000, and transformed the stadium into a completely enclosed, multipurpose facility, ideal for both professional football and baseball. But in the mid 1990s, owing to a variety of reasons - the departure of the Rams, a major earthquake, and the Disney organization’s business interests leaving for a more intimate venue – the stadium was downsized to a more compact baseball-only facility once again. Quite often, Angel Stadium is criticized for being caught between two eras. But it is still a state-of-the-art bowl, equipped enough to host any national or international duel. In fact it has played host for some of the more important games in history - the Angels had twice hosted the All-Star Game (1967, 1989), and a World Series, in 2002. Features in the stadium include terraced bullpens in the outfield, widened concourses, new restroom and concession areas, a spacious and modernized press box and broadcast booths, family-oriented seating sections, state-of-the-art club-level and dugout-level suites, the Pepsi Perfect Game Pavilion, and landscaped courtyards. Disneyland is not far from the stadium, as is the Crystal Cathedral, Reverend Robert Schuller's television studio/church, which is situated to the south of the stadium.