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Historic New England is considered as the largest, oldest, and most comprehensive regional preservation organization in the United States. It provides an ideal opportunity to experience the lives and stories of New Englanders through their homes and belongings.

Established in 1910 as the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, Historic New England was considered the first regional preservation organization in the country. The nonprofit organization has built an unmatched reputation for excellence in saving and interpreting historic places.

Historic New Englandís thirty-five sites invite its visitors to experience the full sweep of New England history and architecture. Some properties seem to be frozen in time, but most of them indicate changes which reflect the varying approaches to historic preservation that span the centuries.

The nation's finest collection of New England art and artifacts is showcased in these incredible structures and is brought to life through an expansive array of interpretation and education initiatives such as seminars, youth programs, summer camps, and special events.

Historic New England boasts an exquisite collection of objects of historical and aesthetic significance including family heirlooms exhibited in their original context, and household ephemeras. With just 19 items on display in 1910, the collection now has more than 100,000 objects, and is regarded as the largest storehouse of New England art and artifacts in the country.

The Historic New England collection is also noted for its documentation. Ledgers, photographs, inventories, and histories of ownership help to recognize many original owners and makers.

Historic New England also provides a wide range of resources and publications which enable people to get a good knowledge about the regionís history, and the properties and collections of Historic New England.

The group's library and archives boast more than one million historic images and other primary materials relating to New England's cultural history.

Historic New England also organizes school and youth programs to provide a hands-on approach to history via the various activities and games. The educational programs are designed to suit a variety of learning styles.

The organization strives to protect all types of historic New England buildings, and now preserves more than 70 privately-owned historic properties located across New England.

Historic New England also conducts several programs and special events such as walking tours, to courses on architecture and decorative arts, concerts, and festivals, at its properties throughout the region.

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