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Robert Frost Library

The Robert Frost Library is the main collection of Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts, one of the premier liberal arts colleges in the nation. Named after the great poet Robert Frost, its main aim is to provide a congenial environment for research and study. The library is housed in a six-story, 120,000-square-foot building on the site of Walker Hill, which was home to the college’s Departments of Mathematics, Astronomy, and Natural Philosophy for many years. The library’s groundbreaking ceremony was held in October 1963. On that occasion, President John F. Kennedy spoke at the convocation. It was one of his last public appearances. The library was opened to the public in 1965. One of the library's most interesting sections is Archives and Special Collections, on Level A. It serves as the official repository of the college’s records, and contains rare books, historical manuscripts, and other written and printed materials of unique value. The College History room, reading room, and exhibition area also are on Level A. The Access Service Department and the Media Center are other important sections in the library. The Access Service section assists library users with tangible bibliographic materials. The Media Center caters to the classroom's media needs by maintaining an array of DVDs, videos, 16mm films, and laser discs.