Mary Baker Eddy Historic House

The Longyear Museum, based in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, showcases the life and accomplishments of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Science Church.

Today, the religion has followers in more than 70 countries. The museum maintains six houses that served as residences for Mrs. Eddy. They now stand as permanent exhibits of the museum. Of these, the house at Amesbury, Massachusetts, is of special significance. It was here that Mary Baker Eddy wrote her first manuscripts pertaining to Christian Science.

The house in Amesbury was originally called the Squire Bagley House. It belonged to a lady named Sarah Bagley. Mary Baker stayed here as a guest during the summer of 1868 and later during 1870.

She did a comprehensive study of the Bible during her brief stay here. The house was purchased in 1922 by Mary B. Longyear, the founder of Longyear Museum. Almost all the items, including the furnishing that belonged to the previous owner, have been preserved intact.

The Mary Baker Eddy Historic House stands as a tribute to the only woman founder of a worldwide religion. It is an exhibit serving as a treasure house for those eager to get an insight into Eddy’s life. For the followers of the Christian Science Church, it is more of a place for pilgrimage.

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