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National New York Central Railroad Museum

The National New York Central Railroad Museum is located in Elkhart, Indiana. The museum complex is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the New York Central Railroad. It takes visitors back to the days when locomotives were symbols of progress, freedom, and adventure. Founded in 1987, the museum is a perfect place to experience the magic of railroading. Visitors can step aboard a 1915-built passenger coach, which gives a clear-cut picture of local railroad history dating to 1833. The path at the end of the coach leads to the Central System Gift Shop and the museum's main gallery. Another passenger coach serves as the museum's archive room, library, and offices. Located in a 100-year old freight house complex, the main gallery exhibits depict the history of the New York Central on the local and national level. It takes visitors through the creation of the New York Central, Penn Central Railroad, Amtrak, and Conrail railroads. The numerous hands-on exhibits and rolling stock collections bring railroad history to life. On display are an 'O' gauge train, a Gandydancer display, the Interactive Mohawk 3001 Steam Engine, PRR GG-1 electric locomotive built in 1939, and an E-8 diesel-electric built in 1953. In addition, this heritage landmark displays a 150-ton crane built in the 1920s for the New York Central, rail cars, and a 250T self-propelled crane. The museum features a video room that provides an opportunity to view railroad-related movies. Books for rail fans, photographs, toys, and stationery items are available at The Central System Gift Shop.