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Home Hospital

Home Hospital, a unit of Greater Lafayette Health Services (GLHS), is located in Lafayette, Indiana. Managed by Sisters of St. Francis Health Services, it is the largest hospital in the Greater Lafayette area. The history of the hospital dates back to 1869, with the opening of the five-bed “Home of the Friendless” for those who couldn’t care themselves. In 1895 it became Lafayette Home Hospital, and in 1901 it got converted to a 42-bed two-story facility. Later, in 1998, the hospital and the St. Elizabeth Medical Center merged under GLHS, which is a non-profit corporation. Today, Home Hospital is a premier medical facility with a wide range of services. Ambulatory surgery, cardiac, oncology, orthopedic–neurology, pediatrics, out patient and inpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and speech therapy are some among the services offered. Specialized inpatient services are provided in the Rehab Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and the Psychiatric Unit. The GI Center, on the first floor, has four endoscopic procedure rooms and one endoscopic travel cart. Spiritual Care Department, on the first floor in the main lobby, assists in spiritual, religious, and supportive needs. Also, there is Regional Diabetes Center and Sleep Disorders Center. Located on the fourth floor of Medical Arts Building, the Kathryn Weil Center for Education is the community and staff educational division of GLHS. The library (Home Hospital Luther M. and Fern G. Cohee Memorial Medical Library), cafeteria, and gift shop are included in the additional facilities.