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Imagination Station

Imagination Station, a family science center, is situated in downtown Lafayette, Indiana. It is a place for children and their families to explore the worlds of science, space, engineering, and technology. Their mission is to promote science literacy while providing enjoyable experiences for all ages. A group of people from the Greater Lafayette established the Association for Space, Science, Engineering, and Technology (ASSET), in 1992. Their intention was to develop a hands-on, interactive science and space museum. They opened the Imagination Station in 1996. The day-to-day operations of the museum are handled by museum members, and volunteers from the community. Imagination Station has two galleries of interactive exhibits. It exhibits a 1920s fire engine, an active beehive, flight simulators, a special preschool activity area, an unfix-it table, a mag racer, and a wind tunnel. The science museum also hosts birthday parties, weekend workshops, and summer camps. A gift shop is available within the premises.