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Paul R. Jones Collection

The Paul R. Jones Collection, housed in the University of Delaware, is one of the finest collections of African-American art in the country. The collection represents the hard work and perseverance of Atlanta-based art collector Paul R. Jones, who spent more than four decades of his lifetime buying paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures from noted African-American artists. During this time, he amassed more than 1,500 works of art, making it one of the oldest, largest, and most-comprehensive collections of African-American art. Impressed by the University of Delaware’s expertise in conserving and exhibiting art works, Jones donated a significant portion of his collection to the university in February 2001. Additionally, the collection was donated on the condition that it would be made available for scholarly research, and also to the colleges and universities that have a long association with African-Americans. The collection also includes digital art, collages, and experimental works done by mixing various mediums. The collection, belonging to the 20th-century genre, represents the works of about 65 artists. A majority of those works were created after 1960.