Historic Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, the county seat of Allen County, Indiana, owes its origin to a fort built in honor of an American general named Mad Anthony Wayne.

The fort was established by the U.S. in 1794, as a mark of their victory over the native Indians. The original fort does not exist anymore. Instead, a replica of the last American fort, built during 1816, stands today.

The Historic Fort Wayne stands as a reminder of the past events which led to the establishment of the city. It is a living museum, encompassing almost all the artifacts dating back to that bygone era.

Completing the picture are the re-enactments of the historic battles, starting from the French and Indian War to the later Civil War. One can relive the past by watching the uniformed personnel performing their everyday military duties.

The fort is maintained by a voluntary organization called Historic Fort Wayne, Inc. The not-for-profit organization was formed following a proposal put forward by the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department.

Historic Fort Wayne, Inc. is funded by private and corporate investors. Its mission is to establish the old fort as a historic educational center. It serves as a valuable resource for the city’s present and future generations, who are keen to know their history.

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