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Wal-Mart Visitors Center

Wal-Mart Visitors Center is located at Bentonville in northwest Arkansas. It was opened in Sam Walton's original Bentonville variety store on May 9, 1990. The first Wal-Mart store was established by Sam Walton in 1962 at Rogers. The center was created as an educational and informative facility for depicting an American retailing success story. It traces the origin and growth of Wal-Mart. The visitors’ center contains many mementos from Wal-Mart's past and present, including old advertisements, photos of early stores, and a Wal-Mart timeline. The walls are adorned with paintings, family pictures and photos of Wal-Mart stores. Sam's entire office was moved from the headquarters and recreated. His 1979 red Ford F-150 custom pickup with 65,627 miles on the odometer is also there. The Walton Wing, devoted to Sam and his wife Helen, exhibits hunting boots and Helen's wedding dress. A gift shop is attached to the center that provides t-shirts, mugs, lapel pins, shirts, caps and pencils.