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Founded in 1885, Boston Pops Orchestra is one of the most popular orchestras in America. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, this offshoot of the Boston Symphony Orchestra plays lighter music and popular classics. Through harmonious concerts, it creates a good mood, full of positive energy.

The well-known Pops orchestra was started with the intention of offering concerts of lighter music which was a strong desire of Henry Lee Higginson, the founder of the main orchestra. The first Boston Pops concert, called “Promenade Concerts,” was made up of world-class light music, was held at the Boston Music Hall in July 1885.

Until 1930, the orchestra did not have its own official conductor. Later Arthur Fiedler, a famed conductor, took charge as the conductor. By organizing free outdoor concerts at the Esplanade - a riverside public park - he introduced the orchestra to a world-wide audience. The debut performance of “Evening at Pops” made Fiedler a national icon. After the death of Fiedler, the conductorship was taken over by several composers. Under the direction of Keith Lockhart, the orchestra has released several albums.

With astounding performers, the orchestra has performed around the world. In addition to outdoor concerts, it offers performances at Symphony Hall.

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