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Located just two blocks west of Inner Harbor in the city of Baltimore, Otterbein Church is the mother church of the United Brethren in Christ. Named after Philip William Otterbein, it is the oldest church building standing in the area.

The story of the church dates to 1771, when a German Evangelical Reformed Church was organized, and a temporary chapel was erected to house the congregation.

In June 1772, Pastor Benedict Schwope lent the chapel as a place to organize the Lovely Lane Meeting House congregation. A few years later, the pastorate of the chapel was handed over to Philip William Otterbein, a German missionary who spent 39 years as spiritual leader of the church.

The present church structure was erected in 1785, and a monument was constructed in the churchyard in memory of Otterbein.

The church is organized for ministry and missions around three distinct areas: nurturing, outreach, and witness. This historic building houses a beautiful sanctuary, erected in 1785.

Installed in 1789, the tower bells from Germany are noteworthy. The Otterbein Organ, built by Henry Niemann, is another point of interest in this heritage landmark.

Traditional services feature hymns for all generations, and child care is available. It holds fall festivals and offers Sunday school programs, as well as various special events. Presently, the church is a United Methodist congregation.

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