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History of Albion, Michigan

Albion, an industrial city in Calhoun County, lies on the Kalamazoo River, about 40 miles from Lansing. Albion was first settled in 1831. It was incorporated first as a village in 1831 and later as a city in 1905. During the 1930's and 1940's, members of Detroit's infamous Purple Gang lived in Albion. Albion’s first physician was Dr. Calvin Millington, who came from Vermont in 1834. The first hospital, known as Grant's Hospital for Dr. A.B. Grant, opened in 1907. It was followed by the Albion City Hospital in 1909. It was succeeded by the Sheldon Memorial Hospital in a modern new building in 1924. When a new building was required in 1967, the hospital was given a new name, Albion Community Hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital closed in 2002. The efforts of early Methodist settlers led to the chartering of Albion College in 1835. Nearby is Starr Commonwealth, founded by Floyd Starr in 1913, now a Michigan Historic Site. Local history is displayed at the Gardiner House Museum, operated by the Albion Historical Society. Kids 'N Stuff is an interactive museum for children.