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Benicia Historical Museum

The Benicia Historical Museum at the Camel Barns, stands as a living monument containing the rich history and the development of Benicia, California. The museum derived its name from Benicia's contribution to U.S. Military history. The museum gives an opportunity to the common man to see and experience some of Benicia's civilian and military life from the city’s founding in 1847 to the present time. The artifacts which had been collected from several locations since 1975, were transferred to a single place at the Arsenal site – an old U.S. military installation. In 1982, these collectibles were shifted to the Camel Barn complex and the museum was formally dedicated in May 1985. Among the permanent exhibits of Benicia are artifacts dug up from Capt. E.H. Von Pfister's store (where the discovery of gold in California was first announced), a 20th-century doll collection, a Korean War 50th anniversary exhibit, the brigantine Galilee, shells from the Arsenal, and photographs from throughout Benicia's history. The museum has also restored the Powder Magazine, built in 1857 from native Benicia sandstone by French stonemasons. It is one of the few remaining examples of the stonemasons' art in California.