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History of Ansonia, Connecticut

Ansonia is situated on the Naugatuck River in New Haven County. A variety of industrial manufacturers call the city home. Ansonia was settled in 1651 and named for its founder, Anson G. Phelps. It was part of Derby until 1845 when it was separated. It became a borough in 1864, a township in 1889, and a city in 1893. Ansonia was a frontrunner in the production of brass in the 1840's. Since brass was often used in clocks, clock manufacturing was a natural offshoot. "Ansonia Clocks" were manufactured in Ansonia until 1878, when the company shifted its headquarters to Brooklyn. The rights to use the Ansonia name were purchased by a Lynnwood, Washington, company that now manufactures them. Local history is on display at the David Humphreys House, operated by the Derby Historical Society. The closest hospital is Griffin Hospital in neighboring Derby.