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Fraunces Tavern Restaurant, located at 54 Pearl Street, is a premier historical dining experience in New York. The amazing history, along with mouth-watering food, makes it a quaint dining hangout.

The historic restaurant traces its origin to 1762, when Samuel Fraunces, an ambitions innkeeper and the businessís namesake, purchased a three-storied mansion on one of Manhattan Islandís first landfills. Originally known as ďQueenís Head,Ē the restaurant became a well-known gathering place and a prime center of community activity in 18th century.

In 1768, Fraunces Tavern had been the venue for the first New York Chamber of Commerce. It also hosted the Sons of Liberty, who were the instrumental cause for the American Revolution.

The restaurant was also honored by General George Washingtonís visit during the meeting of the provincial Congress of New York. In 1783, he gave his emotional farewell address in Tavernís long room. A great public dinner for the General was arranged by colonial Governor George Clinton, at the joyful occasion of the British evacuation.

The Tavern area, graced with wood paneling, original American flags and revolutionary muskets, is a perfect place for less-formal dining and late night conversation. An original mural, portraying "The Battle of Brooklyn," can be seen here.

The Bissell Room, named after General Daniel Bissell, is jeweled with traditional colonial moldings and designs. The wood flooring and the beautiful mural of New York Harbor adds to the ambience.

The Tallmadge Room was named as a tribute to Benjamin Tallmadge, a captain in the Revolutionary Army. The fireplace and paneled walls give it an elegant look.

The Nichols Room, with attached bar and private elevator, features striking pictures of the restaurantís part in the revolution. Corporate parties, meetings, and presentations can be hosted here.

The Washington Room, named to honor Founding Father George Washington, is a private dining room with colonial design furniture. The Lafayette Lounge, with its comfortable couches and chairs, got its name from General Lafayette, the first Frenchman to aid the American Revolution.

Fraunces Tavern Restaurant is an excellent historic venue for weddings. Colonial catering service is offered. In addition to these, the restaurant organizes Classical Guitar shows on every Wednesday.

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