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Christa McAuliffe Planetarium

The Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, situated in Concord, New Hampshire, has been erected to honor Christa McAuliffe% - America's first teacher in space, who died in the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger during a mission in 1986. It was decided to build a planetarium in her memory because it was felt that a planetarium rightly combined Christa's dream of traveling through space and her dedication to teaching. The 92-seat theater began operations on June 21, 1990. Since then, the planetarium has been taking forward its mission to educate and entertain learners of all ages - from the youngest explorer to the backyard astronomer - in the mostly unseen vistas of science and humanities. It aims to achieve this goal by actively engaging them in the exploration of astronomy and space science. The planetarium regularly organizes a variety of shows for the general public, school children, and groups. Its informative shows, "Breathing Space," "Our Place in Space," "Infinity Express," and the ever changing show - "Tonight's Sky," - has been exquisitely designed to inspire young minds to look at astronomy and astrophysics in a way they may not have done before. Free telescope viewing is facilitated during the monthly SkyWatch events and Astronomy Day, celebrated each May.