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Grand Trunk Station

Grand Trunk Station is located on Lincoln Street in Lewiston, Maine. Known as "The Depot" for the Lewiston and Auburn Railroad, this little train station linked the Canadian National Railroad System to Lewiston. The station gained enormous significance in the 1875-1899 time frame, as thousands of French Canadians migrated to Lewiston through this way. Grand Trunk Station was a turning point in Lewiston's history. At the time of the Civil War, many Canadian workers were employed in Lewiston mills and shoe shops for military purposes. Later in the 1920s, when the Canadians found that they could get better wages, they came in droves, stepped off the train on Lincoln Street, and settled here. The area where they settled is known even today as "Little Canada." Not much of the remains of the station are seen here, but one can identify that there was a station here once. The building, which is a rectangular brick structure, is now available for educational, recreational, and cultural purposes. It also functions as a museum.