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Vulcan Monument

The Vulcan Monument was created for Birmingham as an exhibit for the 1904 World’s Fair. Vulcan is the Roman God of the forge; he was designed to represent the iron and fuel industries of Alabama. The Statue is 55 feet tall and overlooks the city of Birmingham, on Red Mountain. He came home to reside in his own park, where he has become Birmingham's best-loved monument since 1938. Giuseppe Moretti, an Italian-born artist who lived in New York and was accomplished in iron and bronze casting, accepted the challenge of creating the towering Vulcan for Birmingham. The Statue was built in New Jersey in sections and was constructed at the fair. When the World's Fair opened on May 1, 1904, Vulcan was complete only to his knees. But he attracted great attention, and when completed for dedication on June 7, Vulcan was truly a marvel, towering up to the roof where his steel spear gleamed. The statue won first prize at the exhibition, and Birmingham's industries earned national recognition. The Statue was shipped back to Birmingham and was abandoned for two years. He was then re-erected at the entrance of the Alabama State Fairgrounds in 1906. The Statue was used as advertising by several companies, until he was moved to his own park and has remained there to watch over the city of Birmingham.