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Olden View Park marks the top of the historic Price Hill Incline, which was built in 1874, by William Price and operated until 1943. The incline was 800 feet long and climbed 350 feet up the slope of the hill.

It was powered by steam engine until replaced by electric motors, in 1923. A freight incline was added in 1876, to carry horse-drawn vehicles up and down the hill. The land for the park was donated by Mr. and Mrs. William H. Whiting. Mrs. Whiting is the daughter of Harry L. Olden, a Cincinnati industrialist and the founder and 20-year president of the Boys Club of Cincinnati.

The park features bronze plaques depicting the history of the hill that are mounted in a parapet wall of granite blocks, which had been salvaged from Second, Pearl, Main, and Sycamore streets, that were due to be covered with asphalt.

The park was dedicated on May 8, 1973.

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