Lytle Park

This 2.31-acre park, located between 4th and Lawrence Streets, is the original site of the Lytle family homestead, built in 1809 by General William Henry Lytle.

General Lytle was the first Surveyor General of the Northwestern Territory and the first Surveyor General of the State of Ohio. The land, known as Lytle Square, was purchased by the city in 1905.

Captain Will Lytle's party of pioneers first made camp on the site of what would later become Fort Washington and the City of Cincinnati. In 1780, his party fought the Indians for the prize of Cincinnati and six years later, Ludlow platted the site.

The park contains a statue of Abraham Lincoln, which was a gift to the City of Cincinnati from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phelps Taft. An original work of George Grey Barnard, "Lincoln - The Man" was formally presented to the city by ex-President William Howard Taft on March 31, 1917. In 1972, the statue was restored as a gift to the city by Mr. and Mrs. Elftherios Karkadoulias.

Lytle Park has many features, including a display of flags that trace the history of the Stars and Stripes, an ornamental wall with plaques depicting historic events that have occurred on this site, a monument dedicated to the U.S. Marine Corps, and the Michael Mullen bandstand, used for free concerts for the public.

An area of beauty in downtown Cincinnati's central business district, Lytle Park features magnificent floral displays that change with the seasons, from tulips, magnolia, and crabapple in the spring to annuals and perennials in the summer, and annuals mixed with chrysanthemums in the fall.

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