Eden Park

Eden Park is the home of the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Art Academy, Playhouse in the Park, Murray Seasongood Pavilion, and the Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory.

Created by a series of purchases beginning in 1859, the park was named by Nicholas Longworth who owned a large tract of the property that now constitutes the main portion of the park.

Krohn Conservatory was opened to the public in 1933, and rebuilt after extensive storm damage in 1966. It is the third greenhouse in Eden Park.

Krohn Conservatory, which is owned and operated by the Park Board, features plants from all over the world exhibited in simulated natural settings. The Conservatory, which is open every day of the year, was named in honor of Irwin M. Krohn, Board of Parks Commissioner from 1912 to 1948.

Just south of Krohn Conservatory is the Hinkle Magnolia Garden, named for Frederick A. Hinkle in honor of his many years on the Park Board. The area includes a beautiful gazebo dedicated to the memory of Martha Rule Deupree and Richard Redwood Deupree in 1982. Near the gazebo is the John Rule Deupree Memorial Fountain, given by his family and dedicated in 1987.

The park features many statues and memorials including the Galbraith Memorial which was erected in 1923 by the American Legion in honor of its first National Commander, Cincinnati's Frederick W. Galbraith, and a 60-foot memorial flagpole dedicated in 1930, and then relocated to the site of the Vietnam Memorial, and rededicated at the time of the Vietnam Memorial dedication on April 8, 1984.

The park is also home to a bronze replica of the Capitoline Wolf which was a gift from the Italian government and presented by the Order of the Sons of Italy in 1931.

One unique feature of the park is the five memorial tree plantings, the largest being the Presidential Grove which was started in 1882 and contains a tree planted for each of the Presidents of the United States.

Heroes Grove contains oak trees planted in 1876 in memory of the heroes of 1776 and the patriots who were with Washington at Valley Forge. A second Heroes Grove, located south of Eden Park Drive near the Gilbert Avenue entrance, was planted in 1919 by the Mothers of Democracy in memory of Cincinnati men and women who lost their lives in World War I.

Pioneers Grove which contains trees planted by the Forestry Society in 1882 in honor of the pioneers of Cincinnati, and Authors Grove round out the five groves.

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