Erie Land Lighthouse

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The Erie Land Lighthouse is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, on a bluff high above Lake Erie.

The first tower, built in 1818, was one of the first lighthouses on the Great Lakes. The original tower had to be demolished because it began to sink.

A second lighthouse was built in 1857, but lasted only 10 years. A new site was selected in 1867, for the 49-foot tower just 200 feet east of the original site.

That lighthouse is made of sandstone with a brick lining, but was shut down in 1899 when it was decided it was no longer necessary. The Fresnel lens (pronounced frenel), which was removed in 1901 and sent to Marblehead Light in Ohio, was not replaced.

The adjacent keepers' quarters is now a private residence, but visitors are welcome to walk the grounds.

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