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Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods was originated by James L. Kraft. He started in 1903 by selling cheese in Chicago from a horse-drawn wagon and knew, from a previous job as a grocer in Canada, that the cheese was a highly perishable and unpredictable food. Kraft was the first in line at the South Water Street market to be sure that he got the best cheese for the day. His trips to the market gained him success because he served local grocers who then did not have to go to market for their daily sales. As more grocers bought from Kraft, he began to use the Kraft name on the packages that he delivered to the grocers, to gain a reputation. After six years, his brothers joined in and officially started the business, J.L. Kraft and Bros. Co. As the company grew, Kraft began to experiment with ways to make the cheese last longer on the shelf and have a consistent flavor. After playing with ways to improve the cheese, he managed to obtain a patent for the “Process of Sterilizing Cheese and an Improved Product Produced by Such Process” in 1916. Kraft Foods has since developed numerous types of cheese, including loaves, slices, spreads, Velveeta, Cheez Whiz, individually wrapped slices, and reduced-fat varieties.