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DuPont Corporation

Breaking ground on its first building in 1802 on Brandywine Creek near Wilmington, Delaware, as a gunpowder plant, the DuPont Corporation has grown into the second-largest chemical company in the world. The corporation was one of the first to provide its employees with health benefits, savings plans and a drive toward a major decrease in environmental pollution. At DuPont's first facilities, the corporation began to study advanced explosives. In 1902, after 100 years in business, the DuPont Corporation gained national recognition. At that time, three DuPont cousins: T. Coleman, Pierre S., and Alfred I., bought out the corporation and began to transform it into a science-based chemical firm. With its new outlook, DuPont built many more research and development centers. Having led the polymer revolution by developing many highly successful materials such as neoprene, nylon, Corian, Teflon, Mylar, Kevlar and Tyvek; the company has gone on to create a multitude of chemically based products, including Lucite®, Nomex®, and Oncomuose®.