Wyoming Senators

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Class 1 Seat
Class 2 Seat
Senator Party
Senator Party
Francis E. Warren Republican
Joseph M. Carey Republican
1895-1917 Clarence D. Clark Democrat 1895-1929 Francis E. Warren Republican
1917-1933 John B. Kendrick Democrat 1929-1930 Patrick J. Sullivan Republican
1934-1953 Joseph C. O'Mahoney Democrat 1930-1937 Robert D. Carey Republican
1953-1959 Frank A. Barrett Republican 1937-1943 Henry H. Schwartz Democrat
1959-1977 Gale W. McGee Democrat 1943-1949 Edward V. Robertson Republican
1977-1995 Malcolm Wallop Republican 1949-1954 Lester C. Hunt Democrat
1995- Craig L. Thomas Republican 1954-1954 Edward D. Crippa Republican
1954-1961 Joseph C. O'Mahoney Democrat
1962-1967 Milward L. Simpson Republican
1967-1978 Clifford P. Hansen Republican
1979-1997 Alan K. Simpson Republican
1997- Mike Enzi Republican

Wyoming History

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The Political Graveyard: Wyoming: U.S. Senators
Baxter, defeated. U.S. Senators from Wyoming: Events and Candidates of the 1910's (may be incomplete!) 1916 Nov 7: John B. Kendrick (Dem), elected; Clarence D. Clark (Rep), defeated; Paul L. Paulsen (Socialist), defeated; Arthur B. Campbell ...

... Senator E-mail - phone - fax Sponsor Craig Thomas (R- WY) http://thomas.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction phone 202-224-6441 or 877-762-8762 fax 202-224-1724   Michael Enzi (R- WY) http://enzi.senate.gov/contact.htm%20phone%20202-224-3424%20or%20877%20...

Wyoming was admitted as the 44th state in 1890. The constitution of the "Equality State" was the first in the world to grant voting rights to women. Wyoming was also the first state to elect a woman governor. People are spread out across the ...