Idaho Senators

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Class 2 Seat
Class 3 Seat
Senator Party
Senator Party
George L. Shoup Republican
William J. McConnell Republican
1901-1907 Fred T. Dubois Democrat 1891-1897 Fred T. Dubois Republican
1907-1940 William E. Borah Republican 1897-1903 Henry Heitfeld Populist
1940-1945 John Thomas Republican 1903-1912 Weldon B. Heyburn Republican
1945-1946 Charles Gossett Democrat 1912-1913 Kirtland I. Perky Democrat
1946-1949 Henry C. Dworshak Republican 1913-1918 James H. Brady Republican
1949-1949 Bert H. Miller Democrat 1918-1921 John F. Nugent Democrat
1949-1962 Henry C. Dworshak Republican 1921-1928 Frank R. Goodling Republican
1962-1973 Len B. Jordan Republican 1928-1933 John Thomas Republican
1973-1991 James A. McClure Republican 1933-1939 James P. Pope Democrat
1991- Larry E. Craig Republican 1939-1945 D. Worth Clark Democrat
1945-1951 Glen H. Taylor Democrat
1951-1957 Herman Welker Republican
1957-1981 Frank F. Church Democrat
1981-1993 Steven D. Symms Republican
1993-1999 Dirk Kempthorne Republican
1999- Mike Crapo Republican

Idaho History

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