The William Henry Harrison Cabinet

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Executive Department Secretary
Service Dates
Secretary of State Daniel Webster
Secretary of the Treasury Thomas Ewing
Secretary of War John Bell
Attorney General John J. Crittenden
Postmaster General Francis Granger
Secretary of the Navy George E. Badger

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William Henry Harrison
... Harrison Born: February 9, 1773 Died: April 4, 1841 William Henry Harrison was the ninth U.S. president and, at 68, was the oldest to be inaugurated until Ronald Reagan in 1981 was sworn in at the age of 69. Harrison was the first president ...

William Henry Harrison
The Battle of Tippecanoe Famous Battles Fought By William Henry Harrison Governor of the Indiana Territory A great man-A Fine Soldier-Famous-Brave-Lucky--paragraphs about his bravery, why we was famous, his time spent as a soldier and his luck ...

William Henry Harrison
Party: Whig Wife: Anna Tuthill Symmes During his presidency, William Henry Harrison had Vice President John Tyler delivered longest inaugural address on record died at the White House one month into office, due to pneumonia ...