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University of Richmond

The University of Richmond is a privately owned and funded higher institute of learning located in Richmond, Virginia. The premier liberal arts university offers highly selective, primarily undergraduate programs, as well as graduate programs in arts and sciences, business, and law. The University of Richmond offers 108 majors, minors and concentrations for undergraduates. The university has 350 acres of stately pines, rolling hills, and a 10-acre lake located about six miles from downtown Richmond. The university has three state-of-the-art libraries which provide a wide range of resources to students, faculty, and staff. The university was founded as a seminary for men by Virginia Baptists, in 1830. Ten years later, it was incorporated as Richmond College, which it would remain until the 1990s. The college was first used as a hospital for Confederate troops and later as a Union barracks during the Civil War. The college became bankrupt and was unable to continue functioning by the end of the war. Fortunately, in 1866, James Thomas donated $5,000 to the college, reopening the school. As a result, the T.C. Williams School of Law was opened, in 1870, and is one of the oldest law schools in the state. The Westhampton College for women was opened in 1914. Soon after, President Boatwright moved the campus from its original location in what is now the Fan district, to its present location, on the far west of the city. This new campus is now considered as one of the most beautiful university campuses in the country. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was opened here, in 1921. In 1990, the missions of Richmond and Westhampton Colleges were combined to form the School of Arts and Sciences. The two colleges, Richmond for men and Westhampton for women, combined to form the University of Richmond.