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University of Nebraska at Omaha

The University of Nebraska at Omaha was founded in 1908, in Omaha, Nebraska, as the University of Omaha. It now is the campus of the University of Nebraska system and serves as the the second-largest institution offering higher education in Nebraska. In 1931, the university became the public Municipal University of Omaha. The university gained its present name in 1968, after its union with the University of Nebraska. The university offers quality education in various disciplines with changing curriculum, keeping in mind the varying needs of the students and community. The academic programs offered include graduate studies, research, and honors programs. The students at UNO can practice what they have learned while still learning. The University of Nebraska at Omaha has a number of colleges including College of Arts and Sciences; College of Business Administration; College of Communication, Fine Arts, and Media; College of Education; College of Information Science and Technology; and the College of Public Affairs and Community Service. Its facilities include a well-equipped library and an office of the Institutional Research. The campus has three residential communities including University Village, Scott Hall, and Scott Village. The University of Nebraska at Omaha provides some of the major events and programs including international studies, distance education programs, and financial assistance for students. UNO also has Disability Services on campus which ensures that challenged individuals get equal access to all UNO programs and activities.