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Van Lierop Bulb Farm

Van Lierop Bulb Farm is located two miles east of Puyallup, Washington. The garden, set in the midst of bulb fields, is a visual treat with more than 150 varieties of crocuses, daffodils, irises, tulips and hyacinths. The garden was planted about 40 years ago with flowering trees and rhododendrons. Now in excess of 20,000 assorted new bulbs are dug and replanted among the trees each fall, for a spectacular burst of spring color. All varieties are marked. The garden is in full bloom in March and April. The history of the Van Lierop family's passion for flowers dates to the early 1800s. Simon Van Lierop came to the U.S. prior to the Great Depression. He worked on a farm in Puyallup. During the hard times, they paid him in bulbs. He sold the flowers door to door — and that was the beginning of everything for him. Simon followed in the footsteps of three generations of bulb growers from the Netherlands and started the Van Lierop Bulb Farm with his wife, Beatrice, in 1934. And since then, the Van Lierop Bulb Farm has been famous for its beautiful gardens, where visitors can enjoy many bulb varieties in bloom every spring. Currently, Neil and Lore Van Lierop operate Van Lierop Bulb Farm, Inc., with a love for the flowers and bulbs developed over five generations. They have maintained the relationships with the bulb suppliers Neil's father initiated in the 1930s.