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Starr Commonwealth

Starr Commonwealth is a child and family service agency situated in Albion, Michigan. This multi-site independent and non-profit organization has been nationally renowned for its unique and highly successful methods and programs which have helped young people to become responsible, productive and self-sufficient adults. The center serves more than 5,000 young children and their families every year.

Starr Commonwealth was founded by Floyd Starr, in 1913. From a humble beginning with 40 acres and a ramshackle barn, the Starr Commonwealth, has developed into an attractive 350-acre site dotted with schools, residential halls and recreational facilities. Originally founded as a refuge for "homeless, dependent, neglected and delinquent boys," the center has become one of the nationís most respected child and family charities.

The organization has extended its reach through regional facilities in Albion, Battle Creek, and Detroit, Michigan; and Van Wert and Columbus, Ohio. Currently, Star Commonwealth conducts several programs for troubled youth and their families in Michigan and Ohio.

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