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University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst, or more familiarly UMass,made a humble beginning as an agricultural college in 1867. It later became Massachusetts State College in 1931, and finally emerged as the University of Massachusetts in 1947. Nearly 24,000 students from about 100 countries undergo education and training in this campus. With the construction of the Lederle Graduate Research Center and the Conte National Polymer Research Center, the university has emerged as a major research facility. The University of Massachusetts maintains a curriculum that associates modern farming, science, technical courses, and liberal arts. Currently 10 schools and colleges offering 88 undergraduate majors, 68 masters, and 48 doctoral programs function under the university banner. Specialized certificate programs are introduced for the graduate and undergraduate students. The university's library system houses more than 5.7 million items. UMass developed an Online Web-Based Learning System (OWL), a nationally-recognized, comprehensive homework system, that helps the students to turn in assignments and receive instant feedback. UMass is renowned for its research programs whch deal with a variety of subjects including polymer science, artificial intelligence, microwave engineering, and life sciences. Being a major research university, the state, federal, and private sources provide funds of more than $100 million per year to the university to support the activities. Researchers at the university are currently working with the Mexican government to build the world’s largest, most sensitive radio telescope, designed to provide further scientific knowledge about the origin of planets, stars, and galaxies. UMass is also noted for its art and culture and boasts a Fine Arts Center. Cultural programs such as art exhibits, theater, dance, and music are regular features on the university campus. In addition, the campus boasts the Southwest Residential Complex, Alumni Stadium, the Murray D. Lincoln Campus Center and many academic departments. It also houses the tallest library in the world, the W.E.B. Du Bois Library. As a member of the Five College consortium, the university maintains a close relationship with students from Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith colleges.