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Airline History Museum

Airline History Museum

Airline History Museum (AHM) is located in a former TWA hanger at the Historic Downtown Airport in Kansas City, Missouri. Originally known the "Save a Connie Foundation," it is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to restoring, preserving and exhibiting propeller driven commercial aircraft. The museum is still incorporated under its early name.

Founded by the former TWA employees, the museum houses a collection of airplanes, photographs, audio/video productions, logbooks, many wonderful artifacts (from many airlines), and other items that illustrate the elegance and grace of propeller-driven travel. Additionally, a gift shop is situated in the museum premises.

A Douglas DC-3, Martin 404, and the star of the show L1049 “Super G” Constellation, which was the genesis of the museum, are the major attractions. The museum also arranges guided tours, which lead by individuals who lived and worked among the aircraft in the glory days.

The Save A Connie, inc., the AHM’s owner and the parent corporation, a volunteer organization, was organized in 1986 for the purpose of restoring, preserving, and exhibiting propeller-driven commercial aircraft. It was established by a group of TWA employees to set aside the “Connie” - once considered the pinnacle of all large commercial aircraft – from dilapidation.

Over the years, the organization bought additional aircraft representing the various periods of commercial air transportation. Thus it has grown to one of the largest commercial aviation collections in the country. In the year 2000, it purchased a 42,000 square foot hangar at Downtown Airport to house the aircraft and museum (opened its door to public in 2001).

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