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Outdoor Sculpture Garden
Est. 1960


Outdoor Sculpture Garden is situated at the Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. It holds over twenty art works of the famous national and international artists. The first item in its collection was brought in 1960.

The garden holds the works of the famous artists including Isamu Noguchi - Japanese-born American Abstract Expressionist Sculptor, Richard Serra - American Minimalist Sculptor, and Nancy Holt. Some of the other sculptors include the works of Abakanowicz, Aycock, Caro, Di Suvero, Hamrol, Judd, Morris and Trakas.

Its exhibits create a magical environment of larger-than-life art in the campus. There are also two galleries holding the photos by Steven Michael Vroom. The sculpture collection at Outdoor Sculpture Garden is one of the finest in the Pacific Northwest.

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