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Pack Memorial Public Library
Built 1925

Pack Memorial Public Library is located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina and is attached to the City of Asheville's Civic Center Parking Garage. Park Memorial Public Library is managed by the Asheville-Buncombe Library System.

Pack Memorial Library was erected in 1925 in the Renaissance Revival style and was designed by New York architect Edward L. Tilton. As the main library in the county, it contains the largest number of books, periodicals, and all other library materials for all ages. This library houses the administrative offices, support staff, and technical services operations for the Asheville-Buncombe Library System.

Collections in the library include books, large print books, audio books, music tapes, CDs, videos and DVDs. PMPL offers adult, young adult, and children's services. Internet access, word processing, and photocopy services are also available.

The Sondley Reference Department in the library provides research materials ranging from investment reports to literary criticism and consumer information to homework help. The state’s collection features local history and genealogy resources, while the Thomas Wolfe Collection honors Asheville's favorite son.

The PMPL also houses the Lord Auditorium, a 150-seat facility, which contains A-V equipment and a one and one-half foot high stationary platform for presentations.

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